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“…MIPAC have passionately enforced project standards to ensure that the PWCS objectives are achieved to their maximum benefit when the Smelter is commissioned in June 2006. The compliment that best describes MIPAC’s approach to their involvement in the Mufulira Smelter Upgrade Project is that MIPAC have conducted themselves with a professionalism and integrity that would suggest that the Mufulira Smelter is their asset."
~ John Ross, Metallurgical Manager, Smelter & Concentrator | view project

Aditya Birla, Nifty Copper

"At Birla Nifty we actively strive for continuous improvement and aim to use world best practice in process control to increase plant stability. We look to manage process outcomes in conjunction with MIPAC, which has a relevant track record of implementing process control strategies to help maximise throughput and plant stability.”
~ Johan Welmans, Concentrator Manager, Birla Nifty Copper Operation | Press Release


“On the Ilo Smelter Modernisation Project the MIPAC crew came to Peru and got right into the thick of things right away. Starting up copper smelters is hazardous, noisy, and dirty work, but these guys consistently demonstrated a cheerful, 'can do' attitude and got it done - individually and as a team. What most impressed me about the entire crew was their work attitude; they never shied away from the challenge, and they took advantage of every opportunity to get something done. There were some difficult challenges that they had to resolve, and without their diligence and 'can do' attitude I am sure the project would have suffered. They bring just the attention to detail that these jobs require. I hope to have the opportunity to work with them again. Their presence was one of the brighter spots in the entire project.”
~ John Rapkoch , Fluor Commissioning Manager for the SPCC Project | view project

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