Food and Beverage Process Control Optimisation

MIPAC solutions result in higher yield, increased productivity, reduced waste, and a higher level of quality assurance - resulting in an increase in profitability.

The Food and Beverage industry is Australia’s largest manufacturing sector, measured by its share of sales and service income (21.7%) number of employees (over 200,000) and contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (2.5%).

The industry is focused on delivering quality, freshness, and greener products to the market. In order to remain competitive, the industry is determined to reduce cost and generate the economic of scale needed to compete with large global business. To achieve this goal, the Australian Industry must concentrate on process innovation. MIPAC’s process control solutions are design to help your organisation achieve process optimisation.

At MIPAC, we understand the need to deliver quality, value and safety assurance. MIPAC offers a range of process control solutions to help you deliver the best products to your consumers, including our service solution package, MIPAC Process Optimisation.

Apply our process control strategies for Dairy products manufacturing or to optimise your Brewing & Distilling processes.

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