Process Control Minerals and Metals

Minerals and Metals

From ore to value.

We put the right controls in the process, so you can get the most value out.

The mining, metals and mineral processing industries are by far one of the biggest contributors to the global economy.

Beneficiating valuable minerals from their ores is an important, and process intensive set of operations. It is also a process that consumes large amounts of energy and produces considerable waste in the form of emissions or other by-products. Optimising the efficiency of each step in the mineral processing operation is therefore extremely important so as to reduce environmental impact, increase levels of profit, produce a high quality output and all the while, do it safely.

At MIPAC, we grew up delivering process control, automation, instrumentation and electrical engineering for mineral processing. Our specialty is designing, controlling and optimising processing plants.

Without doubt, our practical application of these services in mining, metals and mineral processing is second to none.

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