Release the beast within - MIPAC Process Advantage™

MIPAC Process Advantage™

With your plant running at full capacity, your business can realise its full potential.

Business success in a processing or production operation is directly related to how well assets are deployed to generate profits.

MIPAC Process Advantage™ can reveal the hidden advantage of your process, by identifying the opportunities which will maximise your process.

MIPAC Process Advantage™ is the application of process knowledge and appropriate automatic techniques to stabilise and optimise industrial processes. At MIPAC, we combine our experience with your process knowledge to collaboratively reduce variability and inefficiency, whilst improving consistency and increasing yield.

MIPAC Process Advantage™ can be applied at any level in a control hierarchy from basic regulatory control to plant wide economic optimisation strategies.

Why MIPAC Process Advantage?

 MIPAC Process Advantage Methodology
  • Holistic approach to plant improvement
  • Greater knowledge of your plant and processes
  • Greater stability of processes, allowing you to run your plant at optimum capacity
  • Continual Support
  • Adapted to the life cycle of your plant, changing as your plant changes.

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09-Jun-2010 | MIPAC Process Advantage™ is an opportunity to make serious gains in energy reduction and/or increased throughput and yield.
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10-Dec-2013 | MIPAC managing director Eddie De Rivera reviews the process control engineering firm’s achievements in 2013.
MIPAC Process Advantage™ brings benefits to Morobe Mining’s Hidden Valley mine
10-Sep-2013 | MIPAC is applying MIPAC Process Advantage™ (MPA) to the Hidden Valley gold mine in Papua New Guinea. The operation is owned by Newcrest (50 per cent) and Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited (50 per cent) and is referred to as the Morobe Mining Joint Venture (MMJV).
MIPAC Process Advantage™ improving Newcrest’s Lihir operation in PNG
24-Jun-2013 | MIPAC is contributing to the success of Newcrest’s Lihir operation in Papua New Guinea by applying MIPAC Process Advantage™ (MPA) which uses expert process control knowledge and appropriate automation techniques to stabilise and optimise industrial processes.
MIPAC Process Advantage™: finding a solution at the heart of the problem
11-Dec-2012 | MIPAC principal process control engineer Bruce Northway prefers to tackle process control problems at their source. To do this he uses MIPAC Process Advantage™ (MPA), the application of expert process control knowledge and appropriate automation techniques to stabilise and optimise industrial processes.