Mipac displays a performance advantage

Mipac has developed MIPAC Process Advantage™ (MPA) in response to requests from operations staff, reliability engineers and site management to simplify the evaluation and reporting of operational data.

Mipac recently deployed the MPA software at four customer locations extending the use of their site PI System™ to display real time and historical plant information in a standard web browser. Customer data presented includes production throughput, asset availability, water, energy, reagent use and much more.

In addition to the asset based information, MPA can show related information from other plant wide systems, such as; production accounting systems, maintenance data and lab systems which aids the identification, analysis and reporting of operational improvements.

Mipac’s legacy of integrating systems at operational sites ensured the development of MPA complemented the systems and data already on clients sites.

“MPA allows users to browse a ‘tree structure’ of their plant assets, modelled in the PI Asset Framework. This presents specific and relational data as displays and reports,” Mipac Business Development Manager Darren Hill says.

“This means that users of MPA can see at an instant, from anywhere, the KPI’s for say a motor, a plant area or the total plant itself.

“Customers can configure, deploy and maintain MPA themselves with a simple template builder used to create the displays for differing types of assets.

“MPA requires minimal set up to connect to existing assets, related information and systems, which is great for a fast payback!”

To learn more about MIPAC Process Advantage™ software, contact Mipac Business Development Manager Darren Hill for a demonstration.

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