Expansion of 4 Operating Plantsal Compliance Audit

SEQ Water
Water Treatment Plants: Mount Crosby, North Pine, Landers Shute, Image Flat
Control Systems
Siemens & Schneider
PLCs Honeywell & Citect SCADA

Projek Oorsig


Over a 3 year period Mipac has undertaken control systems upgrades/expansions to four water treatment plants owned and operated by SEQ Water. Each of these plants received a process upgrade with new water treatment process equipment and requiring additional control systems and integration/upgrades with existing operating control systems and operator SCADA interfaces.

Each plant processed a significant portion of Brisbane’s potable water supply and as such commissioning and cutover was undertaken with a high level of attention to process to ensure no impact to Brisbane water supply production

Projek Omvang


  • Develop and verify functional descriptions for new process equipment
  • Hardware selection and procurement
  • Attend CHAZOPs and integrate outcomes with functional descriptions
  • Configuration, hardware and communications FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)
  • Site commissioning and SAT (Site Acceptance Testing)
  • Detailed documentation to meet new evolving SEQ Water requirements

Projek Hoogtepunte

  • All cutovers were undertaken within the planned/scheduled time with no impact on Brisbane water production/supply
  • Working with the many stakeholders involved in the project to ensure commissioning and cutovers were seamless

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