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    Easy, wireless monitoring

    Mineral processing plants today face myriad challenges, from declining ore grades, ores becoming more complex, substantially increasing operational costs and increases in environmental constraints and considerations.

    Optimising the efficiency of each step in mineral processing is crucial to help you reduce environmental impact, increase profitability and produce high-quality output, safely and efficiently.

    A common problem in electrorefining (ER) and electrowinning (EW) processes are short circuits that can drastically affect the efficiency of the EW and ER process. A cell voltage monitoring system is an essential tool for refineries. It detects short circuits and monitors the overall health of a cell and assists an operation improve efficiency.


    CellView is Mipac’s wireless, early short detection system that continuously and accurately monitors cell voltage in EW or ER tankhouse operations. It helps you minimise your production losses, improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and simplify your operations.

    The device serves as an early warning system and increases your fault detection capabilities in cells simply and easily. Specifically designed for aggressive chemical settings, CellView has been built to withstand harsh tankhouse environments to help you achieve a sustainable, high standard in your electrolytic refining process.

    Glencore Technology considers cell voltage monitoring to be an important feature of its refinery technology offerings…With CellView we have a proven system that is easy to install and maintain, and the custom- configured operator interface ensures refining cells with short circuits are readily identified.
    Brendan O’Rourke, Refinery Projects Manager
    Glencore Technology

    Early short detection system

    Continuous, real-time cell information
    Customise your operator interface and configure your detection settings to accurately monitor your cell voltage.
    Efficient allocation of human resources
    Use your resources efficiently and effectively for shorts detection and correction.
    Easy, wireless, scalable installation
    Easy to install and maintain, you can significantly reduce your cabling, construction and ongoing maintenance costs, and add more cell monitors as required.
    Connect to your existing plant systems (OPC interface).
    Redundant mesh networks
    Perfect for harsh and electrically noisy environments.
    Long battery life
    CellView has a battery life of five to ten years.

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