SMART Tankhouse is a customised web-based solution that provides production planning and complete oversight and visibility of your Tankhouse.

Designed specifically for your Tankhouse, operating in both real-time and forecasting the future, SMART Tankhouse™ will not only save you time but also give you the information to manage production outputs and create visibility across the Tankhouse.

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    Our innovative solutions are used by our customers from various industries across the globe.

    Planning and Forecasting
    • Provides a structured tool for scheduling your cathode harvesting sequences and maintaining metrics against your published plan
    • Allows you to utilise scenario production planning to make smart and informed decisions
    • Readily compile historical values with forecast values to track plant performance in real-time
    • Gives you the opportunity to be flexible and agile for better performance
    • Easy access to the production plan by all users
    • Integration of production plan with inventory management and crane scheduling
    • Real-time monitoring of electrolyte process through: * Shorts identification and correction * Copper concentration
    • Cathode plate tracking: * Can monitor historical plate performance and reject underperforming plates * Can track plate maintenance
    • Performance monitoring of your Tankhouse
    Reporting and Analytics
    • Production Reporting with minimized data entry * How much product * How efficiently you produce
    • Data entry through a web-based platform accessible based on user-permissions
    • Reporting that provides one version of the truth
    • Analytics and reporting which are customized to your plant: * KPI management and comparing planned to actual * Tracking issues that can lead to problem identification to be able to improve efficiency

    SMART Tankhouse™ connects multiple systems and allows for a common interface of your plant.  The plant dashboard represents a live view of your plant together with calculated metrics based on your needs.

    SMART Tankhouse™ integrates closely with the OSIsoft PI System suite, the leading data historian in the world.  Key features of the PI system are high speed archiving and retrieval of data, efficient use of storage and provision of a range of user tools.

    Built as a modular system, the SMART Tankhouse™ provides you with the flexibility to customise and grow the platform at your pace.  It also allows plant engineers the ability to further customise or leverage current infrastructure by integrating with multiple systems and platforms.

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      The Production Scheduling module creates the production plan for the cathode harvesting cycle of the Tankhouse.  It can be scheduled as far into the future as desired.  Typically, the production plan will provide information by day as to which sections are being stripped, strip and scrap, and re-loaded Once published, the plan presents a web scheduler which is accessible to operators and supervisors simultaneously and is accessible on any device with sufficient network access and the capability to run a Google Chrome browser (printable daily or monthly versions are also available).

      The scheduler has the following customisable options:

      • Capturing production data (automated or via manual entry if not available)
      • Tracking anodes in sections (automated or via manual entry if not available)
      • Tracking crane progress against plan
      • Section/cell availability
      • Anode/cathode inventories (automated or via manual entry if not available)

      The Production Scheduling module has the capacity to link to existing databases (customisation as required) to make use of existing information.

      Furthermore, the Production Scheduler can be used for budgeting, forecasting, or ‘what if’ analysis by creating alternate production plans.  These do not interfere with the current published plan and can be run separately while incorporating available historical data.


      The cathode plate tracking module tracks performance and movements of cathodes through the refinery. This allows users to identify underperforming plates, or plates which continuously require maintenance to improve the overall refinery operation.

      Cathode plate data information is stored historically as part of a custom database within the SMART Tankhouse™ and holds a maximum of 2 years of cathode plate production information.  The module utilises barcodes, QR codes or RFID technology to identify and track cathode plates.  Readers are placed on the Cathode Stripping Machine and can also be placed in certain locations within the Tankhouse.

      Inclusions in the Cathode Plate Tracking module are as follows:

      • Cathode production by plate
      • Plate rejection identification
      • Performance reporting (cathode production)
      • Plate rejection (auto/manual rejection of cathode plates, note that this capability must be included in the Cathode Stripping Machine PLC application)
      • Plate maintenance tracking – Workshop personnel manually update plate maintenance information via portable readers connected wirelessly

      The Short Detection module gives you the ability to monitor cell voltage and temperature in real-time, detecting short circuits and allowing early intervention for maximum efficiency.

      In combination with CellView®, ShortMeter ™ is a hand-held, easy-to-use monitor (Gauss meter) to target the exact location of the short circuit and dead plates.

      Cell voltage data is analysed to determine the state of the cell (normal or shorted).  The SMART Tankhouse™ platform retrieves this information for reporting purposes and allows users to input data after they have corrected a short.


      Anode and cathode count and location of counts can be tracked inside the plant with The Inventory Management module.

      Inventories can be tracked upon receipt of anodes to shipment of cathode.  Where available, data is tracked automatically, but manual entry screens are available for areas which are not.  Laboratory data (where available) can also be associated with anode/cathode data.

      Inventory levels and associated production, consumption, and transfers can be tracked for:

      • Anodes
      • Reject Anodes
      • Spent Anodes
      • Cathode (by grade where available)
      • Reject Cathode

      Standard reporting is available which users can access via the web-portal.


      Crane Scheduling is a PCS7 module that automates cranes. It receives tasks from the SMART Tankhouse™ and creates movement orders for the crane with a specified priority and schedule.

      It also includes basic visualisation of the crane scheduling and work order priority definition. In the event SMART Tankhouse™ is not available, it can be used as a backup crane management system.


      The Task Management module utilises Mipac’s task management system created specifically for 24×7 industrial plant operations.

      TCard has been designed to help plan, schedule and manage tasks easily and efficiently, facilitating two‑way communication and providing clear visibility of the status of tasks. Our innovative solution provides enhanced communication and engagement, greater transparency and increased operational awareness.

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