Seqwater/TEW Landers Shute Sludge Handling Plant and Centrifuge PLC Upgrade

TEW Solutions
Seqwater Landers Shute WTP, QLD
Detalles de la planta
PLC software configuration and interfacing to existing plant PLC . Also modifications to the site SCADA.
Recuento de E / S
Sistema de control
Schneider M340 PLC,
Citect SCADA system
Mipac is Seqwater Monitor-ing and Control Systems (MCS) - SCADA System Integration Specialist panel member

Descripción del proyecto


Seqwater project to upgrade the sludge handling system at the Landers Shute WTP, involving decommissioning and replacement of equipment. The control system at site required modification and new PLC for additional equipment.

Alcance del proyecto


  • Provision of new sludge handling remote I/O PLC rack integral to the new MMC
  • Full integration of the replacement sludge MCC and proprietary centrifuge control panels into the existing plant PLC and SCADA
  • PLC and SCADA programming to fully incorporate the new systems into the existing control solution, including detailed alarm and reporting structure to the new MCS specification
  • Participation in HAZOP and CHAZOP workshops
  • FAT (factory acceptance testing)
  • Reviewing and revising the control functional description document
  • SAT, Control System commissioning and operator/maintenance Seqwater staff training

Aspectos destacados del proyecto

  • Cutover was undertaken within the planned/scheduled time with no impact ton Brisbane water production and supply
  • All site works carried out met the Seqwater safety requirements with no incidents
  • Working with the many stakeholders involved in the project ensured commissioning and cutovers were seamless


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