Sulfuric Acid Plant PCS7 Software Upgrade and Optimisation

Leyte, Philipines
Detalles de la planta
Acid Plant Control Upgrade
Sistema de control
Siemens PCS 7 V8.0

Descripción del proyecto


The PASAR Acid Plant was identified as the main constraint to the smelter reaching production targets.  The scope of this project was to re-engineer the existing PCS7 system to provide world standard operator tools in conjunction with optimised automatic control to maximise production throughput.

Alcance del proyecto


  • Development of a functional description for the Acid Plant incorporating tailored process control strategies and new logic
  • Development of new plant software standards and HMI graphics
  • Complete rework of all existing logic
  • Alarm minimization embedded into new logic
  • Site installation and testing of software within 4-week shutdown period
  • Plant optimization post startup
  • Training

Aspectos destacados del proyecto

  • Improved SO3 Converter temperature control resulted in significant improvement in acid plant throughput and allowed increased smelter feed-rates
  • Interlock and trip diagnostics implemented consistently
  • Alarms rationalized to vastly reduce alarm rate and improve operability
  • Strong Operator acceptance of new HMI graphics developed using ASM principles.


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