Mipac was founded in Brisbane in 1997 by a team of dedicated senior engineers and has grown rapidly to become the leading international engineering services and solutions company that we are today.

Utilising more than 20 years’ experience across a broad range of industries, we have proudly delivered more than 300 projects to a global portfolio of satisfied clients. With offices in Brisbane, Perth and Vancouver, we have the resources and expertise to deliver plant-wide control system projects of any size.

Our strong heritage, proven track record and unrelenting dedication to client outcomes means we are expertly placed to help you achieve your operational and business goals.

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Our Management Team

Eddie De Rivera
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Eddie De Rivera
Managing Director
Tony Mathison
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Tony Mathison
Digital Solutions Director
Jon Burton
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Jon Burton
Engineering Manager
Don Robinson
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Don Robinson
Project Director
Michael Yeo
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Michael Yeo
Business Administration Manager
Dominic Stoll-Digitial Solutions Manager
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Dominic Stoll
Digital Solutions Manager
Kim Vigors
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Kim Vigors
Human Resources Lead

Our Vision
Our Values
Our Vision

We believe that together we can solve today’s challenges, create tomorrow’s opportunities and lead industry transformation.

Our vision is to be the preferred partner in operational performance for global clients across a range of sectors.

We do this through our high-level technical capability, whole- of-plant knowledge and a depth of onsite, operational experience, from design to delivery and beyond.


Our mission is to provide high-quality solutions to enhance operational performance and improve productivity, safety and efficiency for our clients.

  • We do this through our high-level technical capability, whole-of-plant knowledge and a depth of onsite experience, from design to delivery and beyond.
  • Whether working with incumbent plant control infrastructure or developing new systems, we diagnose, design and deliver high-quality, customised solutions that are focused on the long term.
  • We proactively anticipate our clients’ needs and hand over in a way that clients can support themselves to ensure sustainable performance.
  • We strive to grow our business and invest in our people to be trusted, understanding experts who are easy to work with and who simply get in and get it done.
Our Values

Our values provide the compass for everything we do: how we interact with each other, how we engage and service our clients and how we approach opportunities to innovate, solve problems and grow.

We work with each other and our clients to achieve the best outcomes for their project, their business and for ours.
We consistently deliver our services and solutions with a high level of quality that is greatly valued by our clients and unmatched by our competitors.
We’re agile and adaptable in the solutions we offer and the way we deliver our services. Our flexible approach compels us to design and deliver solutions customised to our clients’ needs, solving problems where others have failed.
We know our clients expect us to stay a step ahead of the market and technological trends to help them remain productive, efficient and competitive. We place a high value on innovation, continually exploring and investing in the development of new ideas and opportunities.
We have a genuine, trustworthy and down-to-earth approach. Our clients rely on us to perform with the utmost integrity at every stage of our engagement.
We only design and deliver what is best for the project and the end user.

We specialise in the following industries

Mining & Minerals
Water & wastewater
Oil & gas

Why Choose Us?

Our work is based on individual approach and intention to build long term collaboration. Rendering services for companies of different industries, we developed the approach that considers the specific trait
of each industry sector.
Expertise and technical knowledge
Our depth of global experience has seen us deliver more than 300 projects worldwide, over more than 20 years.

We have a world-leading reputation in metal and minerals process control and automation, with a long history of solving operational problems, minimising risk and driving productivity.

We create opportunities for transformation through robust instrumentation and electrical infrastructure, process automation and digitisation, system optimisation, consistent and reliable data, and development of engaged, safe and empowered workforces.

Our quality and commitment to excellence
We’re engineers, control system designers, instrumentation specialists, software developers and optimisation experts. We pride ourselves on delivering performance.

We understand your specific performance needs through our depth of onsite operational experience. We diagnose, design and deliver high-quality, intelligent solutions to help you remain productive, efficient and competitive.

The latest tools and methodologies in automation, electrical design and digital systems are at the heart of our solutions to optimise performance of your operations.

We understand the complex challenges operations face every day through our depth of real, onsite experience from a history founded in the mining sector.

Our approach is considered and insightful and we put the needs of our end-users first to achieve the best outcomes.

We design, deploy and integrate infrastructure, monitoring and optimisation systems. Everything from electrical and instrumentation systems, networks and control systems, hardware and software tools to automate, control, monitor and optimise the performance of your operations and support your people.

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