There is no doubt that the energy sector is under pressure from all angles, with a variety of challenges for energy producers and distributors to contend with.

The industry needs to remain agile and take advantage of the latest in technology, process innovation and digitisation in order to ensure sustainability and growth in the sector.

The next few years will be some of the most challenging in history as the energy industry decarbonises, digitalises, and decentralises. We are ready to take on the challenge.

With years of experience in delivering innovative energy solutions, our Mipac team has domain expertise across power generation, alarm management and system reliability. We will help you to monitor and manage your energy needs, from panel build and verification to substation capacity systems – ensuring you have a smarter, more reliable grid that is both sustainable and profitable.

Our performance data solutions will provide you with a leading edge on your data. By using real-time visualisation and reporting alongside cloud-based digital solutions, we can improve your energy reliability and efficiency.

At Mipac, we are well aware of the increasing security risk associated with the digitisation of the energy industry. That’s why we have created safe and secure control systems which help mitigate any risk of cyber security threats to your operations.

With a broad range of experience across the sector, from renewable energy to coal and gas, our range of expertise includes:

  • Load shedding
  • Power monitoring and distribution
  • Turbine management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Switchyard management
  • Renewable hybrid systems
  • Microgrid systems