Mineral processing is one of the largest contributors to our global economy.

But it is becoming increasingly difficult for modern day mining plants to remain competitive in an industry facing a rapidly evolving set of challenges.

The process of beneficiating valuable minerals from their ores is complex and intensive. It is a critical set of operations which consumes a large amount of energy and produces high amounts of waste in the form of emissions and other by-products.

By effectively improving the efficiency of each step in your mineral processing operation, we can help reduce your environmental impact, increase your profits and deliver a high quality output.

We have been designing, operating and optimising control systems for mineral processing plants for more than 20 years. From process control and automation, to instrumentation and electrical engineering solutions—we put the right controls in the process, so you can get the most value out.

Crushing and grinding

Primary grinding consumes a large percentage of plant operating costs, and has a powerful impact on the performance of downstream
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Flotation Level Control

Flotation Level Control is not a black art. However, unstable level control is a widespread cause of sub-optimal flotation performance.
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Smelting control

At Mipac, we use our depth of experience in mineral processing to better the outcomes of our clients. During our
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Refinery tankhouses carry their own unique structural and operational problems. As with all stages of the mining and metals process,
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