We know mineral processing

Mineral processing is complex, expensive and energy intensive. We can help you make it more efficient.

Mipac has designed, operated and optimised measurement, control and automation in mineral processing for decades. Many of our experts have worked in these plants for over 30 years. It is what we do.

From instrumentation to control and automation, to electrical engineering, we put the right controls in the right places.  Because we know where they make the most difference.

Crushing and grinding

Good metallurgy starts with good grinding. Crushing and grinding are expensive and energy intensive. A well-designed control strategy and system
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Good flotation starts with good level control – the right level in every cell, as steady as possible, with a
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Smelting control

At Mipac, we use our depth of experience in mineral processing to better the outcomes of our clients. During our
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Refinery tankhouses carry their own unique structural and operational problems. As with all stages of the mining and metals process,
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