Whether you are looking to redesign and commission your entire process control system, or simply upgrade a single component of your plant, we are here to help you meet your operational and business goals.

With a flexible, collaborative and client-centered approach, we pride ourselves on solving the impossible. As trusted experts in process control and performance data, we produce intelligent, high-quality solutions that are customised to our clients’ needs.

Mipac is a recognised provider of DCS, PLC and SCADA services. We are a Solutions Partner for Siemens, a Recognised Certified System Integrator for Rockwell and a Platinum Partner for Schneider Electric.

Mipac’s successful project experience has meant that continual process plants with critical control requirements have entrusted Mipac to design and commission upgrades & improvements to the plants. Many of these projects have resulted in Mipac providing continuing 24/7 remote support services.

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Years of experience

We’ve been doing this for a long time. With over two decades of experience in the industry and more than 300 international projects under our belt, we have the resources and expertise to deliver plant-wide control system projects of any size.

Our flexible range of services includes engineering, optimisation, performance data management and operational support. 


From planning and programming, to testing, training and team support – we have the resources and expertise to deliver plant-wide control system projects of any size.

Our team of specialist control engineers are adept at implementing and commissioning systems that are robust and reliable. Whether you’re looking for someone to take the lead with project management, or someone to act as a contactor on a specific element of your project, we have the technical expertise and industry experience required to get the job done.

Data management
Our performance data solutions help you monitor and enhance your plant performance through the efficient and smart use of operational technology.

We specialise in Production reporting and Historian systems, including DCS/SCADA, to scalable high-fidelity time series data enterprise systems.

We design, configure and optimise high-performing process control environments that minimise risk and achieve operational excellence.

Taking into consideration your specific environment and variables, we are able to effectively optimise your systems for increased productivity, efficiency and reliability.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, we get in and get the job done, solving problems that others are unable to fix.

24/7 Support
Our dedicated team of client site knowledge engineers are here to provide ongoing control system-specific support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that you reach your productivity and efficiency goals.

What our customers say

We are very pleased with the performance of the smelter. The achievement of over 100% of nameplate capacity, in just three months from startup, is unprecedented. It is a credit to the design and project teams and illustrates the strong capabilities of the operations management and staff.
Philip Pascall
Chairman and CEO, First Quantum
The close collaboration between Kazzinc and Mipac made it possible to implement a challenging and globally unique New Metallurgy - Lead Plant Project which integrates the most state-of-the-art processes. Our mutual efforts with your active participation made this undertaking a success. We were happy to see you as a part of our joint team which has all reasons to be justifiably proud of our achievements. We know that invaluable experience and high professional level of your people significantly contributed to implementation of the innovative ideas and made our plans a reality. The best proof of all this is a successful application of your knowledge and expertise in the joint Lead Plant reconstruction project at UKMC Kazzinc.
T A Azekenov
Vice President for Metallurgy, Kazzinc
Mipac passionately enforced project standards to ensure that the PWCS objectives were achieved to their maximum benefit when the Smelter was commissioned. Mipac conducted themselves with a professionalism and integrity that would suggest that the Mufulira Smelter is their asset.
John Ross
Metallurgical Manager, Smelter & Concentrator
At Birla Nifty, we actively strive for continuous improvement and aim to use world best practice in process control to increase plant stability. We look to manage process outcomes in conjunction with Mipac, which has a relevant track record of implementing process control strategies to help maximise throughput and plant stability.
Johan Welmans
Concentrator Manager, Birla Nifty Copper Operation
On the Ilo Smelter Modernisation Project the Mipac crew came to Peru and got right into the thick of things right away. Starting up copper smelters is hazardous, noisy, and dirty work, but these guys consistently demonstrated a cheerful, ‘can do’ attitude and got it done – individually and as a team. What most impressed me about the entire crew was their work attitude; they never shied away from the challenge, and they took advantage of every opportunity to get something done.
John Rapkoch
Fluor Commissioning Manager, SPCC Project

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