Task management for improved performance

An industrial task management system is essential for keeping your crews working efficiently and safely, and to help you improve performance in your plant.

Your task management system needs to be simple yet effective. It needs to align seamlessly with your plant’s way of working to successfully manage your different shifts, tasks and specific plant needs.

Finding the right tool can make a significant difference to your team’s cohesion and your plant’s productivity.

Intelligent application, easy-to-use

Our T-Card is a secure, cloud-based task management system specifically created for industrial plant operations to help you plan, schedule and manage tasks easily and efficiently.

A powerful and intuitive tool, T-Card is configurable to your plant’s needs. It matches the way you work, applying our depth of understanding of how your shifts, crews and rosters need to perform for optimum productivity.

Task scheduling and reporting is simple. Using clear visualisations and bold colours it ensures key tasks cannot be overlooked. Operators, supervisors and maintenance personnel can upload and tailor text, images and instructions, as well as requests to raised work orders.

T-Card adds another level of business intelligence to your plant operations through data, helping you look for patterns in behaviour and completion times, and monitor performance in your plant.

Easy scheduling and reporting

Schedule and report tasks through clear visualisation of what’s pending and completed, including the ability to add descriptions, photos and links.

Configurable to your plant

Tailor to your plant and schedule tasks for specific plant areas, shifts or shutdowns. Simply create and edit templates accordingly.

Rapid deployment, no additional IT

Cloud-based and secure, T-Card is deployed in days without any additional IT systems required.

Operations support

Report and plan functionality supports your daily operations for proactive improvements across task delivery and completion times. It retains your task history: when reported complete, any issues and raised work orders.

Communications tool

An effective way of communicating amongst crews, it enhances team handovers and collaboration.

Shutdown aware

Regular tasks are suspended during shutdowns and specific shutdown tasks are activated.

Cost-effective, subscription model

Easy and cost effective to set up and maintain.