Project Overview:

The Mufulira Mine has been in operation since 1933 & has produced approximately 20 billion pounds of copper. The smelter is being rebuilt & will have an installed capacity of 650,000 tonnes. Upgrade of existing copper smelter involving replacement of core smelting technology and installation of associated oxygen plant, acid plant, electric holding furnace & services.

Mipac Scope:

  • Design, specification, configuration and commissioning of full plant wide control system for the upgraded smelter
    • ISASMELT™ and Waste Heat Boiler; Oxygen Plant; Sulphuric Acid Plant; Electric Furnace; Materials Handling Area; Services and Utilities
    • Development of plant wide measurement and control standards for the project and upgraded smelter
  • Detailed instrumentation design for the ISASMELT™ plant & Waste Heat Boiler areas
  • Electrical design and procurement specification for associated Low Voltage Motor Control Centre
  • Client training in control system configuration and maintenance

Project Highlights:

  • Strong focus on simplicity and reliability for maintenance groups
  • Transfer of knowledge from multiple technology providers into common control system to provide consistent operations interface
  • Fast tracked project with control system on critical path
  • Reduced project costs through economical project implementation by one group with minimised design group interfaces
  • Efficient and cost effective ongoing control system maintenance due to commonality of equipment and consistency of design
  • Cohesive approach to instrument design standards, control system design and configuration