Upgrade Diesel-Electric Locomotive Test Console


Queensland Rail


Redbank, Qld, Australia

Project Type

Upgrade diesel-electric locomotive test console

Plant Details

Diesel-electric locomotive test facility

Control System

Allen Bradley PLC and Citect SCADA

Mipac were engaged by Queensland Rail to upgrade their diesel-electric locomotive test console at Redbank.

The upgraded facility has been in faultless operation since early 2008 and has enabled Queensland Rail to:

  • gather an expanded range of process parameter data for reporting purposes to higher management
  • improve overall testing flexibility
  • achieve consistency of test results
  • and to allow the utilisation of the plant to be maximised

The added facility to allow the selection of ZTR equipped locomotives has expanded the range of rollingstock static load testing able to be performed at Redbank.

The project entailed:

  • Analysis of existing engineering documentation and the ‘as-building’ documenting of existing plant
  • Production of an overall engineering solution to industry best practise and QR requirements
  • Production of new engineering drawings & documentation
  • Expansion of the existing PLC and SCADA system to incorporate the new functionality
  • Modification of existing plant to Queensland Rail requirements
  • Engagement and supervision of site electrical contractor
  • Modification & commissioning of existing plant and control panels with zero loss of facility throughput
  • Production of updated Functional Specification documentation
  • Operator Training on the new facilities

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