Power Station Control System Integration, Commissioning Startup and Synchronisation

First Quantum Minerals Ltd
120 km West of Panama City, Panama
Detalhes da planta
Paco Plant
Cobre Panama Power Station
Contagem de E / S
Sistema de controle
Emerson Ovation
Allen-Bradley PLCs

Visão Geral do Projeto


The Paco plant is a 300MW coal-fired power station with seawater cooling consisting of 2 x 150MW turbines.  This plant will provide base load to the Panamanian national grid and supply the Cobre Panama mine and mineral processing plant. The site is 120km west of Panama City, remote from local support and presenting challenging logistics as well as climatic conditions.  The site has required development of access, full port facilities, coal handling, and complete power station construction along with local camp, administration and warehousing.


Escopo do Projeto


  • Control System integration on site
  • Construction support
  • Control System Commissioning
  • Power Station Startup
  • National grid synchronization
  • Control System Support

Destaques do projeto

  • Mipac’s project team has interfaced across vendors, EPCM and construction organisations in this challenging location to integrate the control system to achieve commissioning, power station startup and synchronization and delivery of power to the National grid
  • First power from set 1 through to stable continuous 75MW production
  • Operational support and production development continues for set 1
  • Commissioning, startup and first power continues for set 2


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