In order for any plant to run efficiently, it needs to have an effectively engineered plant-wide control system in place.

A plant-wide control system usually incorporates one or more centralised control rooms. When used by appropriately-trained personnel, these control rooms serve as some of the most critical elements in a process plant.

At Mipac, we know that the process of optimising or unlocking a control room’s potential requires more than just knowledge of the control system being used. It is a complex task that requires a blending of processes, systems and operating experience.

Luckily we have the skills and experience required to provide comprehensive, user-friendly installations across SCADA, DCS, PLC and Historian systems.

We conduct control system audits and develop costed recommendations for specific process improvements, as well as recommending new control strategies.

With continuous process improvements, we can help you to optimise your plant’s operations with a view to achieving your business goals.