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    Automation to increase productivity, safety and quality

    In the face of increasing complexity and operational costs in mineral processing, using the right kind of automation in your process can help you improve the productivity, safety and profitability of your plant. Applying automation in particularly high-risk manual tasks helps you make significant process improvements while greatly increasing the safe operation of your refinery.

    In copper refineries, operating at incorrect levels of copper in tankhouse electrolyte can result in the production of potentially dangerous gases in the process. By automating the control of the copper stripping process, you’ll protect your staff, your production levels and your plant.

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    Continuous, online monitoring

    Our Copper Monitor provides continuous, online monitoring of metal concentration in electrolyte.

    Its continuous monitoring enables an operation to avoid unsafe gas production. When integrated with the plant-wide control system, the monitor helps you reduce operational costs, increase productivity and safety, and ultimately improve the quality of your production. Our monitors are installed in refineries around the world and are also suitable for other minerals such as nickel and zinc.

    Simple design, easy to use and maintain. The Copper Monitor signal is used as part of the automatic control circuit to regulate the flow of electrolyte through the cells and thus maintain required levels of copper concentration.
    Glencore Copper Refineries Pty. Ltd
    Townsville, Australia

    Copper electrolyte level monitoring

    Continuous, online monitoring
    Real time Lab Assays for quicker production decisions.
    Minimal human intervention
    Enabling automated control of your mineral stripping process means your resources can be deployed elsewhere.
    Corrosion resistant and weatherproof
    Resistant to acid fumes, acid and water splash.
    Easy, cost-effective installation and operation
    The monitor can be easily set up and integrated with your plant-wide control system via a range of options.
    Low maintenance
    Built-in cleaning cycle minimises maintenance intervention.

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