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Easy monitoring

Managing operations at a mineral processing plant presents a constant juggle of pressures. Tankhouse managers are challenged with reducing costs, maximising the use of resources and tools to increase productivity, as well as improving the quality of production.

Automating key processes in your tankhouse operations can help you greatly improve the performance of your whole plant. Through simple, practical technologies that monitor, control and automate key aspects of the electro- refining and electro-winning process, you can achieve significant increases in your overall productivity and profitability

Shortmeter detector

Cut the shorts. Increase profit.

Our ShortMeter is a hand-held, easy- to- use monitor that enables quick and easy detection of short circuits and dead plates in an electrolytic tankhouse operation. A low cost and low maintenance device, the ShortMeter will help you increase productivity, improve production quality and ultimately, grow your profit margins.

The device operates on the Hall Effect principle for magnetic field detection. It detects short circuits by measuring the magnetic field strength directly above  a shorting plate and presents results instantly in a hand-held LED display.

The LED display highlights strong shorts, less severe shorts and dead plates.

It’s very easy to use, the design is very simple. The LED-lights in the ShortMeter are very good as a clear visual determination of a weak/ strong short. It’s easy for us to recalibrate the ShortMeter if we adjust our current in the Tankhouse

Detect shorts quickly and easily

Cost effective and low maintenance
Easy setup and maintenance.
Visual LED display
The ShortMeter’s display instantly indicates fault severity with an array of 10 LEDs, arranged as a bar graph, to help your operator to quickly locate short circuits and dead plates.
Simple, ergonomic design
Scanning is made quick and easy with the light-weight, hand-held device.
Optional test station
You can check operability through the use of a simple testing station.

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