Task Management for 24×7 Industrial Plant Operations.

Introducing TCard by Mipac

Real-time visibility of daily tasks across your plant
Complements existing asset management systems
Simple to configure, simple to learn, simple to use

TCard is a securecloud-based task management system created specifically for industrial plant operations to help you plan, schedule and manage tasks easily and efficiently.

Easy to learn

TCard is designed for busy workers. Just one click and your team accesses standard work procedures and safety requirements for each task.

Simple but intuitive

TCard utilises a system of templates, to standardise and automate tasks based on 24/7 shift cycles, rosters and shutdowns then scale and replicate.

Configured for your plant

TCard is quickly configured to match your plant and operating cycles and complement existing asset management systems.

Complete today’s tasks balancing safety, production and availability.

An industrial task management system is essential for keeping your crews working efficiently and safely, and to help you improve performance in your plant. Finding the right tool makes a significant difference to your team’s cohesion and your plant’s productivity.

One dashboard

From a single interface, you can automate, prioritise and track tasks while workers can view tasks and any requirements to ensure the task is done correctly. Each TCard dashboard can be simplified to display the tasks for that team or plant area and that 24 hours to keep teams focused.

Clear, one-click interface – green completed, red not started.
Enhances team handovers and collaboration.

No two plants or operations are alike

You can configure TCard to your plant. TCard matches the way you work, applying our depth of understanding of how your shifts, crews and rosters need to perform for optimum productivity. Cloud-based and secure, TCard is deployed across your site in days without any additional IT systems required.

Define each of your plant areas and shift cycles.
As your processes or plant changes, updates are simple to make.

Task Management at Scale

TCard Task templates make scheduling simple. Create one task template and TCard’s intuitive design schedules this task across your shifts. Operators, supervisors and maintenance personnel can upload and tailor tasks, as well as requests to work orders raised.

Add Images, Tables or documents to ensure tasks are done correctly.
Set safe, best practice procedures in every task.

Reporting and Insight

TCard in-built reporting supports continuous improvement in your operation. Patterns in behaviour and completion times are visible so you can make proactive improvements to your daily operation that can make the most difference. This is true performance improvement through data.

Balance workload across shifts and teams.
Record of completed tasks, any issues and raised work orders.

Each TCard site comes with a fast track implementation program to have you seeing the benefits of TCard at your next shift change. Utilising more than 20 years of experience across a broad range of industries, the Mipac team understands your business.

Every day you navigate competing priorities to maintain production levels and the availability of your plant while ensuring a safe work environment.

TCard gives you the confidence that the important tasks driving continuous improvement and safe work practices on your site are completed each day.

TCard is now available in a cost effective subscription model.

Contact Mipac today for a demonstration or to start your pilot.