Kansanshi PCS7 Smelter Upgrade

Mipac was engaged to undertake the PCS7 upgrade of the Kansanshi Smelter, which was originally commissioned in 2014/15. The project required a cutover of an extremely aggressive timeline of 8 weeks from project order to site execution.

Mipac had previously installed the full plant wide control system (PWCS) and ISASMELT™. This project scope of work included the smelter design and configuration, development of PWCS software standards, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), site commissioning and operator training and the OSI PI System™ server configuration and testing for the plant.

Project scope

Project results

The project’s primary objective was achieved on time and on schedule. The extraordinary timeframe of 8 weeks was met due to Mipac’s experienced engineers working to develop the project architecture, specify the system and hardware all while working closely with the client and the suppliers to come up with a no compromise solution that was deliverable.

Our close working relationship with Siemens enabled us to secure expedited delivery times on the project to allow it to succeed without any delays. This relationship also meant that we could bring forward bug fixes from Siemens direct from Germany and deliver them to site in a short timeframe. This allowed the site to move to PCS7 V9.1 a mere six weeks after release to project commissioning onsite.

The commissioning and cut over period of a three-week window during COVID times meant that it required exceptional dedication from the team as well as commitment to travel in risky times subjecting the engineering the engineering team to intense activities as well as substantial personal risk. The final control system cut over window was 5 days and completed in a staggered fashion allowing some operating components of the plant to continue to run.


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