Refining to your full potential

Simple, wireless monitoring

Mipac’s transformational wireless cell voltage monitoring system, CellView®, optimises mineral processing operations and detects short circuits early, assisting in the production of high-quality outputs while continuously and accurately monitoring the health of a cell. This essential innovative technology helps realise the full potential of electrorefining and electrowinning processes by minimising production losses, operational costs, underperformance, and negative impacts to the environment.

CellView® provides quality, accuracy and savings

Easy, wireless, scalable installation

Customised, real-time cell information

What our clients say

Brendan O’Rourke, Refinery Projects Manager Glencore Technology

Glencore Technology considers cell voltage monitoring to be an important feature of its refinery technology offerings…With CellView we have a proven system that is easy to install and maintain, and the custom- configured operator interface ensures refining cells with short circuits are readily identified.


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