A short cut to full potential

Short-circuits are a common and damaging problem in electrorefining (ER) and electrowinning (EW) cells, reducing efficiency, increasing energy consumption and costs, and reducing production.

CellView monitors cell voltage and health, detecting short circuits and allowing early intervention for maximum efficiency.

Easy, wireless monitoring

CellView’s accurate wireless detection system monitors cell voltage to quickly identify short-circuits.

CellView is easy to install and maintain, with low cabling, construction and maintenance costs. If the plant expands it is easy to add more cell monitors.

Built to be rugged

CellView is specifically designed for the aggressive chemical settings in tankhouses.

Online, real-time cell information

Customise your operator interface and detection settings. Trend and analyse historical cell data. There is an option for temperature measurement.


Connect to your existing plant systems (OPC interface).

Redundant mesh networks

Perfect for harsh and noisy environments.

Long battery life

CellView has a battery life of five to ten years.

Glencore Technology considers cell voltage monitoring to be an important feature of its refinery technology offerings…With CellView® we have a proven system that is easy to install and maintain, and the custom-configured operator interface ensures refining cells with short circuits are readily identified

Brendan O’Rourke, Glencore Technology refinery projects manager