From cloud-based digital solutions that enable real-time visualisation and reporting, to physical monitoring systems that provide continuous measurement of specialised operations, our Mipac products are designed to increase your productivity and reduce your costs.

With more than 20 years’ experience designing and delivering process control and performance data solutions, we’ve witnessed a lot of change. We recognise that our clients now face an ever-increasing amount of conflicting operational data, together with an increased pressure to deliver high-level operational intelligence and reporting.

That’s why we’ve made our products efficient, reliable and easy to use. Incorporating the very latest in data collection, visualisation and reporting technologies, our Mipac products provide a singular source of truth for reporting that is accurate and efficient.

Our team of performance data specialists are constantly evolving and developing our product range to meet your ongoing performance needs.

Mipac Process Advantage

Get your data performing It has never been more important to make decisions based on accurate, real-time information.  But with
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A short cut to full potential Short-circuits are a common and damaging problem in electrorefining (ER) and electrowinning (EW) cells,
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Copper Monitor

Automating your tankhouse Improve tankhouse safety, productivity and product quality by measuring and controlling metal in solution. Continuous, online monitoring
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Cut the shorts. Increase profit. Short-circuits in tankhouse electrolytic cells waste energy, reduce production and hurt quality. Find and fix
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Task management for improved performance An industrial task management system is essential for keeping your crews working efficiently and safely,
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Online training for control system operators and maintenance staff.Using a specialised e-learning program to train your team will save you
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