An operations management solution that enhances stability through teamwork, structure and insight.

TCard is a simple and effective solution that was created to meet the needs of operators, superintendents and plant managers.

TCard is a simple-to-use operations management solution designed to help plan, schedule and manage tasks easily and efficiently, facilitate two-way communication and provide clear visibility of the status of tasks.

TCard was born out of the need to develop a fit-for-purpose industrial operations management solution to improve transparency and standardise regular activities to ultimately improve production, safety, and housekeeping.

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TCard provides insight into your operation

TCard is a simple and effective operations management solution that provides instant insight into the status of operational activities. Tracking the status of safety and critical activities will help ensure a safe and efficient operation.

Anywhere, anytime, TCard gives you complete visibility across your whole operation by providing granularity of every operator activity across every shift.

Operators’ comments can easily be shared across your wider support team – increasing operational awareness and making it easy to allocate resources to complete critical tasks that are at risk.

You can also capture the critical operator activities that are required to be completed before, during and after a shutdown to ensure production is maximised.

TCard enhances stability across your entire operation

TCard will not only deliver short term benefits to your plant operations but will allow you to proactively manage shutdowns and equipment breakdowns, saving you time and money.

Effective housekeeping can eliminate most workplace hazards and helps get the job done safely. It also enables you to see when things are going out of control by detecting spillage and overflows. TCard allows you to schedule regular activities across your crews to ensure you maintain effective housekeeping, improving safety and enhancing stability.

TCard provides structure to your daily activities

TCard provides operators access to procedures as they complete activities through a simple and easy to use platform, ensuring activities are performed consistently across the plant. Embedded photos enable operators to see the standard to which the task needs to be carried out.

Using the built-in “request feedback” option, operators can flag to management when the procedure requires updating, empowering operations to keep all procedures current.

TCard allows you to plan regular activities across your crews and prioritise them, ensuring the right things get done.

TCard enhances team culture and creates a connected workforce

TCard provides an easy to use and simple way for time-critical activities to be made visible to operators and supervisors. Operators can provide commentary on the activity, request assistance and update the status which can be seen in real-time.

TCard empowers two-way communication by connecting operators at the front line with supervisors and management. Inbuilt intelligent reporting provides information on how a task was completed and whether there were any complications when completing a task.

Improved communication creates a connected workforce that can respond to issues quickly and ensures teams ask the questions that need to be asked. Providing a simple way for teams to communicate, share the load and support one another leads to the development of a strong team environment.

Enhance operating practice in as little as 4 weeks

Built for operations management

Specifically designed to complement rather than replace your existing ERP and/or CMMS, TCard works alongside your existing systems and allows operators to execute digitally allocated work scheduled across rolling shifts within 24/7 continuous operations.

Switch away from paper

TCard is a cloud-based solution that is suitable for mobile and tablet use. Bringing data into a central location helps provide visibility across the operations and facilitates automated reporting.

Standardise operator activities

TCard lets you standardise operator activities so the same activity can be easily set to recur across all your shifts and crews at an interval that best suits your operation.

Improve shift handovers

TCard was built for plant operators by plant operators to help make handovers easy. With a quick glance, the incoming shift can see which activities were completed and which weren’t.

Digital transformation

TCard is one of the easiest, cost-effective and value-adding ways of starting your digital transformation journey.

Improve communication

Operator comments and insights on each and every task become visible to the whole operations team providing the evidence of the jobs that have been managed.

Good housekeeping

TCard allows you to schedule regular housekeeping tasks across your crews to eliminate workplace hazards.

What our clients say

Mining & Processing operations are inherently different to other industries and we needed a product that could meet our needs rather than fitting our business around the product. TCard helped solve a number of challenges, some obvious from the outset and others that became obvious once resolved. Sharing the load, standardising the approach and giving our Operators continuous input into the tasks continue to be key to the success we’ve achieved.

Mark Peterson Manager, Copper Smelter
Mount Isa Mines


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