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Our mission is to provide high-quality solutions to enhance operational performance and improve productivity, safety and efficiency for our clients.

Since our inception in 1997, we’ve grown from a small ambitious team that enthusiastically seized an opportunity within the industry to a well-established organisation uniquely staffed with knowledgeable senior engineers and creative, skilful innovators in technology.

As trusted advisors, we’ve spent more than 20 years dedicating our skills to solving the impossible. As a result, we have become a global leader in operational technology, control systems, and engineering services.

We’ve established a proven track record of success by demonstrating unwavering dedication to solving complex challenges others have struggled with and have achieved exceptional outcomes for our clients across more than 300 projects globally.

What we do

Partners in helping generate global prosperity, we work across a range of industries to create opportunities for transformation, partnering on both greenfield and brownfield projects. Our operation-enhancing solutions empower and engage workforces by providing automation and digitalisation that enables easy decision making and increased productivity, performance and safety.

We diagnose, design and deliver high-quality intelligible solutions that reduce variability and create reliability. Our engineers, control-system designers, instrumentation specialists, software developers, and optimisation experts help you remain productive, efficient, and competitive. They do this by applying their knowledge, founded in real-world experience, and drawn from globally renowned projects and products with the latest tools and methodologies in automation, electrical design, and digital solutions. We work across the following industries and sectors:

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As experts within our field, we’re devoted to exceeding our client’s expectations and delivering the best results within the industry.

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Operations Manager

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HR and Corporate Manager

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Sales and Marketing Manager

Why choose us

We focus on developing strong partnerships with our clients to achieve their business goals and gain a return on investment. Our actual value is realised by the holistic service we provide, understanding the big picture and providing unbiased advice on technology and solutions that meet your business’s needs. 


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We understand the complex challenges operations face every day and have a proven track record of successfully delivering outstanding outcomes that have improved productivity for some of the world’s largest mining companies. Mipac have contributed to the development of IsaSmeltTM technology along with IsaKiddTM, IsaMillTM, Albion ProcessTM and Jameson Cell in partnership with Glencore Technology, Halliburton, Mezurx and QER.  

As a team, we care about each other as much as we care about our clients. Our experts work tirelessly together as a dynamic group, collaborating to push boundaries to create innovative, flexible solutions that take you forward.

Going above and beyond to exceed expectations is what drives us and is why you should choose Mipac. 

What our clients say

We are very pleased with the performance of the smelter. The achievement of over 100% of nameplate capacity, in just three months from startup, is unprecedented. It is a credit to the design and project teams and illustrates the strong capabilities of the operations management and staff.

Philip Pascall Chairman and CEO, First Quantum

The close collaboration between Kazzinc and Mipac made it possible to implement a challenging and globally unique New Metallurgy - Lead Plant Project which integrates the most state-of-the-art processes. Our mutual efforts with your active participation made this undertaking a success. We were happy to see you as a part of our joint team which has all reasons to be justifiably proud of our achievements. We know that invaluable experience and high professional level of your people significantly contributed to implementation of the innovative ideas and made our plans a reality. The best proof of all this is a successful application of your knowledge and expertise in the joint Lead Plant reconstruction project at UKMC Kazzinc.

T A Azekenov Vice President for Metallurgy, Kazzinc

Mipac passionately enforced project standards to ensure that the PWCS objectives were achieved to their maximum benefit when the Smelter was commissioned. Mipac conducted themselves with professionalism and integrity that would suggest that the Mufulira Smelter is their asset.

John Ross Metallurgical Manager, Smelter & Concentrator

At Birla Nifty, we actively strive for continuous improvement and aim to use world best practice in process control to increase plant stability. We look to manage process outcomes in conjunction with Mipac, which has a relevant track record of implementing process control strategies to help maximise throughput and plant stability.

Johan Welmans Concentrator Manager, Birla Nifty Copper Operation

On the Ilo Smelter Modernisation Project the Mipac crew came to Peru and got right into the thick of things right away. Starting up copper smelters is hazardous, noisy, and dirty work, but these guys consistently demonstrated a cheerful, ‘can do’ attitude and got it done – individually and as a team. What most impressed me about the entire crew was their work attitude; they never shied away from the challenge, and they took advantage of every opportunity to get something done.

John Rapkoch Fluor Commissioning Manager, SPCC Project

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