Our solutions

Realising the total value of your operation

At Mipac, our team have extensive knowledge in all areas of the automation pyramid, including hardware, control, data, business intelligence and automated decision making.

We provide wholistic support from design, right through to commissioning, and everything in between.

Our unrivalled understanding of the technology landscape provides us with the ability to implement fit-for-purpose solutions that solve unique problems. Where solutions do not yet exist, Mipac has the capability and network to develop technologies that fill the gaps.

Our hands-on experts have years of exposure to, and experience with a raft of complex operational challenges. This collective experience and broad knowledge across our workforce has led to the passionate development and design of bespoke, leading-edge proprietary solutions that include refinery instrumentation, automated decision-making software (MPA 2.0) and digital task management software (TCard). These solutions are guaranteed to be practical options that solve the problems the well-serviced products on the market don’t.

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Building new operations

From feasibility studies to commissioning, we can support both greenfield and brownfield projects of any size. We build the fundamentals and create opportunities for success through robust instrumentation, electrical infrastructure, process automation and digitalisation, system optimisation, production of consistent and reliable data,and the development of engaged and empowered workforces.

Modernising existing operations

Our team of in-house software engineers partner with you to take your operation into the modern sphere. With digital solutions grounded in first principles, we work with you to lay the foundations and apply advanced, sophisticated solutions.

From complete digital platforms to business intelligence, monitoring systems and beyond, our solutions deliver practical, continuous operational improvements that demonstrate clear, sustainable return on investment.

Optimising existing operations

By truly listening, we understand your whole operation so that problems aren’t solved in isolation. Drawing from audits and health-checks conducted, our experts analyse the situation and provide considered, methodical advice.

We tap into existing technology or recommend new or complementary technology, providing you with the tools and solutions that optimise your operation’s performance.

Main automation contracting

Mipac’s expertise covers all aspects of the automation pyramid. This breadth of capability in conjunction with our independence from all vendors means Mipac is extremely well qualified to function as the MAC for your project.

We can provide the initial architectural design and then design, engineer, and deliver all automation layers required for a fully integrated digital operation.

Our methods and solutions are tested and acclaimed. We partner closely with you to understand your challenges and scope suitable systems and infrastructure.

From unparalleled knowledge of solutions on the market, we provide unbiased advice and recommendations and can design, implement and procure single unit or entire systems. We don’t leave you there; we configure, install, and monitor our solutions to ensure your project’s success.

SMART Tankhouse™

A customised web-based platform that provides production planning and an operational suite of tools for complete oversight and visibility of your Tankhouse.

Designed specifically for your Tankhouse, operating in both real-time and forecasting the future, SMART Tankhouse™ will not only save you time, but also improve safety, increase current efficiency, reduce rejects, optimise production, and create visibility across the Tankhouse.


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