Simple production and productivity.

Detect shorts quickly and easily.

Our ergonomically designed, light‑weight, easy‑to‑use device enables quick detection of short circuits and dead plates in electrolytic tankhouse operations. A low-cost and low-maintenance device, our ShortMeter will help you increase productivity and improve production quality.

The hand‑held device detects short circuits by monitoring the magnetic field strength directly above a shorting plate and presenting results instantly. The LED display highlights strong shorts, less severe shorts and dead plates. The more lights that illuminate, the more severe the short. Fewer lights that illuminate typically indicate a ‘dead’ plate that is carrying low current.

Simple, ergonomic design

Detects shorts quickly and easily

Cost effective and low maintenance

What our clients say

It’s very easy to use, the design is very simple. The LED-lights in the ShortMeter are very good as a clear visual determination of a weak/ strong short. It’s easy for us to recalibrate the ShortMeter if we adjust our current in the Tankhouse


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