Copper Monitor

Continuous online monitoring.

Automation to increase productivity, safety and quality.

Mipac’s revolutionary Copper Concentration Monitor instrumentation facilitates significant process, production and safety improvements in your electro-refining and electro-winning operations.

Copper Monitor provides continuous, online monitoring of copper concentration in electrolytic solutions, reducing the need for manual chemical analysis. When integrated with operation-wide control systems, the monitor helps reduce operational costs, increase productivity and ultimately improve the quality of production.

Our monitors have been installed in operations globally.

Mipac’s Copper Monitor measures copper concentration in real-time, facilitating faster operating decisions and improving safety and production.

Copper Monitor improves operations and reduces manual intervention

What our clients say

Glencore Copper Refineries Pty. Ltd Townsville, Australia

Simple design, easy to use and maintain. The Copper Monitor signal is used as part of the automatic control circuit to regulate the flow of electrolyte through the cells and thus maintain required levels of copper concentration.


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