A platform to manage variability and enable predictive operations.

MPA’s solutions build on each other to enable predictive operations.

At Mipac, we know you require unique functionality to manage variability and prepare production reports not offered by your existing historian and corporate reporting software. That is why we’ve created MPA.

MPA complements existing technology to fill the real-time operational system void required to detect, alert, interact with and control variability events.

MPA provides the foundational functionality required to capture, integrate, shape and connect data to generate insight and foresight for predictive operation.

MPA enables your people with the power of technology to enhance decision making and accelerate mitigation actions for maximum operational performance.

MPA predicts events before or as they happen, alerting and engaging multiple stakeholders to leverage their collective wisdom. Stakeholders can use MPA’s tools to analyse, interrogate and compare current with past events to augment decision making and provide real-time recommendations that maximise production.

MPA’s native manual data entry enables digital logsheet integration to enhance visibility and facilitates two-way communication between the frontline, specialists and management for increased employee engagement.

MPA’s data workflow engine allows you to combine and shape time-series and non-time series data to make data collation, analysis, visualisation and reporting quick, easy and reliable.

MPA enables people with the power of technology to enhance decision making.

MPA solutions are additive offering stakeholders the ability to interact with and manage variability events in real-time to maximise productivity through teamwork, structure and insight.

Detect, alert, interact with and control variability events.

Gain time back in your day with integrated & automated dashboards, logsheets and reports.

Puts the power in your hands with configuration capabilities that meet your business needs.

Capture, integrate, shape and connect data to generate insight and foresight.

Connects to your key software providing a single, unified source of truth you can rely on.

An intelligible and intuitive solution that enhances employee engagement.

Automated real-time, shift, day, month, etc. production & performance reporting.

We know you have unique requirements for your operational information system – that’s why we built MPA.

Connects disparate data sources and production/management systems ‘one source of truth’.

User configurable

Native manual data entry introduces ‘human sensors’ via digital logsheets.

Connect anywhere, anytime securely.

Use anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Intelligent, intuitive and supported solution.

Natively map data workflows.

MPA complements existing technology and systems

MPA is not