Cut the shorts. Increase profit.

Short-circuits in tankhouse electrolytic cells waste energy, reduce production and hurt quality. Find and fix them early with ShortMeter.

Detect shorts quickly and easily

ShortMeter is a hand-held, easy-to-use monitor to quickly detect short circuits and dead plates. Find them and fix them early to increase production, quality and profit.

ShortMeter applies the Hall Effect to monitor magnetic field strength above plates. Results are presented on a hand-held LED display. The more LED lights that illuminate, the more severe the short.  Lower than normal LEDs indicates a ‘dead’ plate operating at low current.

Cost effective and low maintenance.

Easy setup and maintenance.

Simple, ergonomic design.

Quick and easy scanning with a light hand-held device.

Visual LED display.

The 10 LEDs arrayed as a bar graph indicates fault severity. Operators can quickly locate short circuits and dead plates.

Optional test station.

You can check operability through the use of a simple testing station.