Superintendent Training

These videos and training material are intended as support for your sites use of the TCard industrial task management platform.

We have found that site operations often have some unique requirements and that site leaders, trainers and TCard administrators have found many different ways to utilise TCard.

We welcome your insights and suggestions for improvement and new capability.

Implementation – Onboarding

1. TCard Implementation Overview (0:48)

Implementation Overview, setting the scene for these videos.

2. Phases (3:24)

Breaking the process into some natural phases we have seen used to good effect.

3. Daily Shift Cycles (2:44)

How TCard can fit into your daily shift cycles and be used to support them.

4. Go Live Strategy (2:14)

Go Live Strategy, is a brief look at some of the factors that can bring value from deliberate attention as you go live with your TCard and your operations.

5. Go Live Checklist (1:40)

Go Live Checklist, some of the elements you want to check are correct.  Each site should develop their own but this is prompting a starting point.

6. Onboarding Workshop-Decisions-Tips (5:25)

Workshop-Decisions-Tips, breaking some of the thinking and experience of successful TCard sites into these heading.  At the moment of your first access there are some issues that are valuable to workshop with key experienced operations personnel, some decisions you need to make and some tips we have gathered from a number of sites that are successfully getting value from their TCard.

7. Return on Investment – ROI (3:35)

A brief overview of some of the aspects that drive Return on Investment and elements of TCard that can be used to increase your sites Return on Investment.

TCard Implementation Overview – Complete Video (19:55)

The TCard Implementation Overview as one complete video.

Superintendent Functions

1. Superintendent Functions – Navigating around TCard (4:40)

Navigating around TCard, the Superintendent Functions access additional reports and capability.
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2.Superintendent Functions – Task List (3:14)

Task List, how to uses this function, watching for filters and exporting to CSV format for additional external reporting.

3. Superintendent Functions – Reports (1:56)

Reports, the basic visual reporting built into TCard.

4. Superintendent Functions – Managing Templates (18:10)

Managing Templates, one of the key functions in TCard.  This covers how to create Task Templates and particularly setting Recurrence.  This is a longer video but a key capability of TCard.

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5. Superintendent Functions – File Browser (1:51)

File Browser, how to upload additional images and files that can be attached to your plant tasks.

6. Superintendent Functions – Plant Hierarchy (5:36)

Plant Hierarchy, this is a key capability of TCard as all tasks are attached to your Plant Hierarchy.  This discussion shows you how to create/edit/restructure your plant hierarchy and talks of some examples from real plants.

7. Superintendent Functions – Shutdowns (5:24)

Shutdowns, all plants have shutdowns.  TCard allows you to configure shutdowns to suppress some of the standard operating tasks that you do not want undertaken during a shutdown.

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8. Superintendent Functions – Settings (2:42)

Settings, a number of functions that you can set to tailor your TCard for your operation.

9. Superintendent Functions – Users (0:50)

Users, adding and deleting users from your TCard.

10. Superintendent Functions – Contact Mipac (0:51)

Contact Mipac, a simple integrated email to raise TCard issues with Mipac systems support.

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11. Superintendent Functions – User Tracking, Sign Out (0:50)

User Tracking – Sign Out, User tracking is not accessible and will be removed from the superintendent functions, signing out at the end of your TCard session.

Superintendent Functions – Complete Video (46:58)

The TCard Superintendent Functions as one complete video.


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