From control systems with robust software and engineering foundations to the latest innovative advancements in digital technology, Mipac delivers high-quality, intelligent solutions that drive performance.

Building new operations

From feasibility studies to commissioning, we can support both greenfield and brownfield projects of any size.

Optimising existing operations

Drawing from audits and health-checks conducted, our experts analyse current plant performance to provide considered, methodical advice and implement improvement plans. 

Modernising existing operations

Our team of in-house engineers partner with you to take your operation into the modern sphere.

Main automation contracting

Mipac’s expertise covers all aspects of the automation pyramid. This breadth of capability in conjunction with our independence from all vendors means Mipac is extremely well qualified to function as the MAC for your project.

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With technology advancements and growing environmental social and governance (ESG) expectations propelling change, the mining and mineral processing sector is experiencing a rapid digital transformation. 

Staying ahead in this dynamic landscape requires adaptation and innovation to remain competitive.

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Unlocking the power of digital transformation to generate value and meet ESG targets

About us

From early-stage consultation support through to continuous operational optimisation, we partner with you to help maximise your opportunities for success.

With a flexible, collaborative and client-centred approach, we pride ourselves on solving the impossible.


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Our services

Operating globally, we provide an extensive range of services.

From solid software and engineering foundations through to the latest innovative advancements in digital technology, Mipac are your trusted advisors for all aspects of an operation. 

With a world-leading reputation in metal and minerals process control and automation, we have a long history of solving operational problems, minimising risk and driving productivity.

Our products

At Mipac, our experienced and passionate experts work across your business, providing full-scale support to solve operational challenges in performance and productivity.

We do this by drawing on our in-depth knowledge of comparative solutions on the market and by employing our award-winning technical expertise to provide customised solutions that enhance existing infrastructure, systems and technology.

Mipac has a range of software and hardware products. Discover how our products can help your organisation today.

Introducing MPA

A suite of integrated applications designed to increase production, reduce variability and deliver operational excellence

Imagine a world where your complex operation realises its full potential.

Introducing MPA – a suite of integrated applications including MPA Logsheets, MPA Digital TARP, Alarm Manager and more.

Our success stories

At Mipac, we consistently fulfil our commitment to our clients by supporting them throughout the journey to operational success.

Project overview

Mipac was engaged in 2015 by First Quantum Minerals to implement a plant-wide control system using PCS7 utilising the latest standards of ASM and Alarm Management at its COBRE operation in Panama.  Since 2015, we have gone on to do a significant amount of work at the COBRE operation.

Key highlights


COBRE Panama is now one of the world’s most technologically advanced mineral processing plants.


With all the control and data management integrated, they have future-proofed their plant to maximise the use of digital data solutions.


The use of virtualised hardware to simplify management and minimise future upgrade costs, has delivered a robust, fully redundant, high availablility control system.

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Some common questions we get:

Mipac is a renowned global leader in providing operational technology, control systems and engineering services tailored specifically for the mining and mineral processing industry. We offer cutting-edge solutions to optimise and enhance mining operations' efficiency, safety and productivity worldwide.  

Mipac offers a comprehensive range of services, including:  

Operational Technology Solutions: We design, implement, and support advanced operational technology solutions that streamline processes, monitor equipment performance, and ensure seamless operations.  

Control Systems: Our experts develop sophisticated control systems that help mining operations and other complex plants run smoothly by automating processes, reducing downtime, and increasing overall efficiency.  

Engineering Services:  We provide engineering expertise to optimise mineral processing operations, from conceptual design to plant commissioning and ongoing support.  

Mipac's solutions are designed to address critical challenges in complex operations-based industries like mining and mineral processing. By implementing our technologies, you can expect increased operational efficiency, reduced downtime, enhanced safety measures, improved regulatory compliance and higher profitability.  

Absolutely. Mipac understands that every mining operation is unique. Our solutions are highly customisable and can be tailored to your mining environment's specific needs, challenges and characteristics. This ensures that you get the maximum benefit from our technology.  

Mipac serves a wide range of mining operations, including but not limited to open-pit mining, underground mining, mineral processing plants, quarries, and more. We have experience working with various minerals and commodities, making our solutions adaptable to diverse industries.  

With three decades of experience in the mining and mineral processing sector, Mipac has established itself as a trusted partner for global mining companies like Glencore, Ok Tedi and First Quantum Minerals. Our team comprises seasoned experts with deep industry knowledge, ensuring our solutions are at the forefront of technological innovation.  

Absolutely. Mipac offers comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure our solutions operate optimally throughout their lifecycle. We are committed to assisting our clients at every stage, from implementation to long-term sustainability.  

Getting in touch with Mipac is easy. You can reach out to us through our website's contact page, where you'll find various ways to connect, including email, phone and an online inquiry form. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and provide information on specific challenges or opportunities.  

Yes, Mipac operates globally, serving mining and mineral processing operations worldwide. Our team is home-based in offices in Brisbane, Perth and Vancouver but travels to customer sites worldwide. Our solutions have been successfully implemented in various countries and regions, contributing to the optimisation of mining processes on a global level.  

Absolutely. Mipac is dedicated to promoting sustainable mining practices and ensuring the safety of mining operations and personnel. Our solutions are designed to enhance environmental stewardship and minimise the impact of mining activities while prioritising the well-being of workers. 


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